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5 Yoga Poses For Sciatica Relief

If you're someone who suffers from lower back/sciatica pain, you know fist hand how immobilizing and uncomfortable it can be. Sciatic nerve pain is no joke, but doing a little yoga can help you find some relief! Below are 5 yoga poses I always go to when I'm experiencing lower back pain. They are all beginner friendly and can be anytime practiced at home.

1. Eagle Pose

This is fantastic for stretching out the outer hips which is exactly what you want to do when sciatica strikes. I’m doing the full pose here, but you can even keep the hands on the hips if the upper body part is too much for you. Similarly, you can control how deeply you bend the knees to make this less challenging if you need.

2. Revolved Triangle

Another one that hits just the right spot in the outer hip, revolved triangle is great for you if you struggle with sciatica. I didn’t want the intensity to be too much, so I used a block here to lessen the depth of my revolution, but the depth of this is up to you. If you don’t have a block, you can easily use a sturdy water bottle instead!

3. Low Lunge

A low lunge is another great one, but make sure you don’t take the deepest variation you know how. Keep it pretty light with the back toes tucked under to control the depth of your lunge. You want to feel a slight lengthening the front glute as well as in the hip flexor of the back leg.

4. Double Pigeon

One of my all time favorites for sciatica! This is easy to modify– I know my knee is all the way down to my ankle, but it doesn’t HAVE to look this way. If the top knee is very high and far from the ankle, just place your hands on the floor behind you for support and focus on tilting the pelvis forward. 

5. Reclined Figure 4

Definitely one of my favorites for increasing flexibility! Cross one ankle over the opposite knee. Keep the top foot flexed and the back and shoulders down on the floor. Don’t try to lift your head up. If the knee starts to hurt, back off the intensity by letting go of the legs and letting the bottom foot rest on the floor.

If you'd prefer to be guided through these yoga poses, give this video a try: This 30 minute video will guide you through gentle and effective poses that will nourish your spine and help relieve tension in your lower back. Together we'll work on finding spinal length, inviting space in our hips and stretching out our hamstrings. Practice this sequence regularly for long term relief!

If you enjoy this video give it a like, subscribe to channel and share it with a friend. For more on low back care and sweet hip relief, watch this Yoga for Tight Hips video:

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