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How To Do A Headstand

I know many of you are interested in learning how to safely practice headstands, so I’ve put together some easy alignment tips to help you kickstart your journey to headstand! 

Set yourself up with a strong foundation:

Drop your elbows to the ground (shoulder width apart), then bring the hands together at center. This will form a triangular base as explained in the video. 

Curl the toes, lift the knees off the ground and send the hips up high. 

Practice rolling up onto the tips of your toes, keeping your core engaged as you do so. Then practice walking the toes in as much as you can (shown below).

Trust your gut:

Start by bringing your left heel to left glute, squeezing your left knee into your core as you do so. Rest the left foot and repeat this same action with the right side.

Bring the left heel to left glute again, squeeze your left knee, roll up onto the tips of your right toes and then try bringing your right heel to right glute. Keep your core strong and don’t worry about rolling over. You will be stable as long as your hips are aligned over your shoulders (shown below). 

If this is a little challenging for you, try lifting one leg into the air and allowing the other to float (shown in the video above).

Find your balance:

You may feel a little wobbly once you get your feet up into the air, this is normal! You may fall over a few times too before finding a steady balance, embrace that! The more your fall, the faster you’ll find your balance. 

If you can get both feet up into the air remember to press your legs together, squeeze your glutes, keep the tailbone tucked in and core engaged. 

Staggering your legs (shown below and in the video) is also a great way to play with your balance. 

Don’t forget to breath while you’re here 😂 Deep breaths will help tremendously with your stability. 

Looking to learn more funky poses? Watch this short video on how to do crow pose: If you’re just beginning your yoga journey, arm balances such as crow pose can be intimidating and seem impossible to attain. You might even be thinking, “I’m not strong enough to do that.” I get it! I’ve been there. So here’s a step-by-step video that will help you learn how to float into crow. Note: You’ll probably face plant a few times! Don’t be discouraged if you do. Falling on your face just means you’re getting closer to floating effortlessly. Keep practicing!

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